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Catalogue KREMLIN
The 82.216 pump is specially designed for pumping viscous materials. KREMLIN REXSON equipment can process a wide range of materials including oils, greases, adhesives and sealants.
This equipment has proved itself over the years to be strong and reliable and can process products up to 1 million centipoises depending on specification.

The system pumps directly from the original material container and is used on 200 liter pails (interior diameter 571 mm).

The modular conception allows you to select an extrusion system comprising of a pump, elevator, follower plate, gun and hoses + optional extras including filter, regulator to suit your application.

Ex Equipment compliant with ATEX Directive.

Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
Modular design Wide range of options available to suit most applications
Air motor design enables precise control The unique air motor design ensures a constant controllled flow rate with low noise and minimum icing risk
Direct pumping from 200 lts drum Clean wipe of the material drum saving materials
Shovel pump technology Can be used with a wide range of materials
Choice of double seal on follower plate Recommended for high viscosity and moisture-sensitive materials
Pneumatic driven pump Safe for use with solvents and other flammable materials


Pressure ratio 82/1
Motor type 9000
Fluid volume per cycle (cc) 216
Free flow rate (L/mn) 12.9
Fluid Output at 10 Cycles (l/mn) 2.16
Air consumption (m3/h) at 30 cycles/mn at 4 bar
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 492
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 60
Seal packings PTFE + PE
Wetted parts Carbon steel
Weight (kg) - bare pump 62


Fitting Air Inlet F 3/4'' G <
Fluid Inlet Ø 105
Fluid Outlet F 1'' G


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