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EOS type R 03-R440 & 06-R440 Piston pumps

The concept of the new EOS R range is to solve common issues of 24/7 paint circulating systems.


  • 2 sizes of air motor to deliver the product at the right pressure for a high quality finish while reducing air consumption.
  • Ideal for recirculating applications and use of many guns due to large fluid section capacity (440cc).
  • Extended lifetime due to KREMLIN REXSON air switch motor requiring Almost no maintenance over years.


  • Quick and easy maintenance operation due to the divorced design of the fluid section
  • Possibility to anticipate maintenance operations by visual checking of the leak detector or any lubricant color change.
  • Wall-mounted air motor design allowing easy shifting/interchangeability of the fluid section only.
  • Optimized space in the paint kitchen.


  • Increased lifetime due to the permanent circulation of the lubricant under pressure allowing the active cleaning of any particles sticking on the piston.
  • Extended life time - up to 10.000.000 cycles - due to the use of the KREMLIN REXSON bellow instead of a lubricant cup.
  • Always clean paint kitchen environment due to bellow preventing any leakage outside the fluid section.
  • Optimum wear resistance by the use of stainless steel, triple chrome, carbide tungsten...
  • EOS paint pump is based on 80 years of KREMLIN REXSON technical expertise, innovation and dedication to our customers. The EOS paint pump range articulates around 3 strong themes: Efficiency, Optimization and Simplicity.
Associated with the KREMLIN REXSON air motor and a divorced fluid section, the EOS "R" pumps are "best in class" for endurance and fast maintenance
The piston of the pumps is continuously cleaned with pressurized lubricant. This extends the life cycle of the pump and reduces maintenance to a minimum.

DesignationValue (03-R440 | 06-R440)Unit
Pressure ratio 3/1 | 6/1
Maximum fluid pressure 6 (87) | 36 (522) bar (psi)
Maximum air pressure 6 (87) bar (psi)
Weight 52.8 (116) | 55 (121) kg (lbs)
Maximum temperature 50 (122) °C (°F)
Air inlet F 3/4"BSP
Fluid outlet F 3/4" NPS
Fluid inlet F 1" NPS
Cylinder 440 cc (oz)
Sound level 68.4 dBa
Fluid output at 20 cycles/mn 8.8 l/mn


Handling machines
Protective & Finishing coating for Handling & lifting machines
Handling machines
Protective & Finishing coating for Handling & lifting machines

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