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A35 HTi spray gun - Stainless Steel

Catalogue KREMLIN
Modular design for High Volume Production with an outstanding finish quality - HTi technology.

Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
Excellent atomization quality with outstanding transfer efficiency Excellent finish quality, reduced paint costs, cleaner working environment, lower booth maintenance
Modular design Quick service : only 4 bolts to unscrew, no need to remove hoses
Built-in valve Non air-bleeding gun
Indexed aircap 0 - 90° Perfect readjustment of fan pattern
Fluid output adjustment by indexed button High precision fluid regulation
Stainless steel design Compatible with water-based materials


Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 6
Trigger air pressure (bar mini) 3
Recommended atomization air pressure (bar) 2 - 2.5
Fluid output (cc/mn) Upon nozzle (see table)
Weight (g) (gun only) 497
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 50
Transfer efficiency in % (EN 13966-1) 74 (E3 KHVLP) - 72 (EP3)
Air consumption (m3/h)
Wetted parts Stainless steel - treated stainless steel


Type Side outputs Rear outputs
Fluid circulation Circulation in the base Circulation in the base (⊥)
Material (base plate) Aluminum with stainless steel insert Aluminum with stainless steel insert
Weight (g) 240 480


Power supply Gun base Fittings supplied, non fitted
Fluid F 1/4" NPS Quick fittings - Ø 6 x 8 hose
Atomization air F 1/4" NPS M 1/4 NPS - air hose int Ø 8 mini
Pilot air F 1/8" NPS Quick fittings -air hose Ø 4x6

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