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A25F Flowmax® gun - Stainless Steel

Catalogue KREMLIN
Flowmax® technology : unsurpassed reliability and multi-products use
The A25F Flowmax® gun is designed for an intensive use. The sealing of the gun is made with a bellow guaranteeing an high level of reliability. It is recommended for spraying paints, glues, water-based materials and UV products.

Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
Excellent atomization quality with outstanding transfer efficiency Excellent finish quality, reduced paint costs, cleaner working environment, lower booth maintenance
Unique custom-made design of fluid passages at the bellow level Optimized flushing and fluid circulation
Adoption of a bellow seal Increased reliability
Compatible with solvent or water-based materials Universal use meeting most requirements and unique on the market !
Flushin volume optimized by the bellow technology Easy flushing and product savings
Modular design The body of the gun can be easily removed from the base : only 4 bolts needed to release, no need to remove hoses and it maintains optimal position even after servicingDismounting and set-up without hose removal


Power supply Gun base Non fitted supplied fitting
Fluid F 1/4" NPS Elbow M 1/4" BSP - Ø 6x8 hose
Control Air F 1/8" NPS M 1/8" BSP - Ø 4x6 hose
Spraying air F 1/4" NPS Straight M 1/4" BSP - M 1/4" NPS for conductive hose Ø8 int min

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