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Catalogue KREMLIN
The HTV is a pressure fed gun with outstanding ergonomics that uses Kremlin's unique Vortex technology to spray low viscosity materials on sharply profiled surfaces.

Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
New design and ergonomyReduced trigger effort The gun is part of the operator's arm who can focus on the application and the spraying movement for an improved quality
Product fluid passages in stainless steel Compatible with water-based materials
Unique aircap design Unsurpassed finish quality with perfectly balanced fan
High transfer efficiency Important product savings and environmental protection
Fine thread stuffing box Fine control of the needle tightening torque for an improved sealing
E-Z adjust aircap Allows adjustment without loosening the retaining ring


Sprayed materials Varnishes / Stains
Body of the gun Anodized Forged Aluminum
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Recommended atomization air pressure (bar) 1.5 - 2.5
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 6
Air consumption (m3/h) <
Weight (g) 580
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 50
Transfer efficiency in % (EN 13966-1) 65 <
Nozzle Stainless steel / PEEK
Needle Treated stainless steel
Wetted parts Stainless steel / PEEK


Fitting Air Inlet M 1/4" NPS
Fluid Inlet M 3/8" NPS

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