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02-C85 Pump

Catalogue KREMLIN
The 02-C85 piston pump is designed for use with a single or multiple gun system spraying medium viscosity coatings. It can also be used on a heated circulation system.

Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
Compact design Easily integrated into a finish workshop
Rugged - High sealing capacity with singlelip seal Compatible with a wide range of materials
Available in stainless steel version Compatible with water-based materials


Pressure ratio 1.8/1
Fluid volume per cycle (cm3) 85
Number of cycles per litre of products 12
Air consumption (m3/h) at 30 cycles/mn at 4 bar
Fluid Output at 30 cycles/mn (l/mn) 2.6
Free flow rate (L/mn) 5.1
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 10
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 60
Sound level (dBA) 81
Sealing Packings Upper sealing GT cartridge with polyethylene packing
Lower sealing Acetal resin seal
Weight (kg) - bare pump 5
Wetted parts Aluminum, stainless steel
Height (cm) 41
Width (cm) - 2 regulators 28
Depth (cm) 17


Fitting Air inlet (valve) F 3/8" BSP
Air outlet (atomization air) M 1/4" NPS
Fluid Inlet M 18x125
Fluid Outlet M 3/8" NPS

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