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One-Pass™ Heater non explosive

Catalogue KREMLIN
The economical and reliable solution for a constant spraying quality to reduce the viscosity of paints without adding solvents.
The heating of the product is done in one single passage in the One-pass™ heater thanks to the new design and the optimized thermal exchange efficiency.
This innovative design offers the possibility to install directly the One-pass heater directly between the pump and the gun without recirculation. Its dimensions and reduced weight allow to fit it on a mobile pump (2 arms cart and mounting plate)
To be used in zone 1 and 2 according to ATEX

Agreement ISSeP 05ATEX031
Ex II 2 G Ex d IIA T3

Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
Standard stainless steel version Compatible with water-based materials
A thermometer is integrated into the command box No pressure loss when working with high viscosity materials
Reduced dimensions Mounting on mobile versions
Modular design Quick and easy maintenance
t max : 20°C at an ouput of 800 cc/mn Optimised performances in most applications


Thermostat type By fluid expansion and dry contact
Thermal fuse Cut at 72°C
Thermometer Graduation 0 - 60°C
Temperature range (°C) 15 - 45
Pressure (bar) 120
Weight (kg) 16.5
Wetted parts Stainless steel and PTFE
Room temperature (°C) 40° maxi

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