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Accubell 709 Evo system is able to paint the complete car, including the highly sensitive door edges. The Accubell technology allow to spray waterborne or solventborne paint with internal charge. This paint solution is not only an atomizer, but it is a complete solution including an atomiser, its dosing system, its color change system, its cleaning system. Everything is packaged into a easy to install, easy to use, easy to maintain solution.
The Accubell 709 Evo is the only atomizer in the world that can spray the carried paint, which enables improved dosing accuracy and reduces the quantity of paint used.

Fast color change
During EVO painting the carbody or bumper, next color is filling the transfer tank
Transfer filling station make the system compatible with every existing Paint Circulating System
12 sec color change

Low paint loss
Pattended transfer station
Color change block outside the booth
Minimum paint loss : 0cc for same color / 13cc for different color

One for All
Reliable Standard solution : Internal charge high technology, Parts 70 % common to PPH 707 SB, 7 years/30 000h. warranty turbine
Primer and Base coat, waterborne or solventborne
Interior, exterior and bumper


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