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HP Fluid Pressure Regulator - RegSMART

Catalogue KREMLIN
Mastic Fluid Regulators are used to control a product pressure delivered by a pump and enables to deliver constant fluid pressure necessary to an accurate bead dispense.
Specially designed for medium and high viscosities material, this fluid regulator range offers a regulation range from 25 to 275 Bars.
Available in both Aluminium and SST and as well with different Ball sizes, it will meet most the fluid regulation requirements.

Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
High pressure equipment Precision fluid regulationHigh Pressure, High Performance
Proven design Integrated cartridge for easier maintenanceCompatible with most materialFor high viscosity materials
Wide range available Different ball sizes to fit all flowrates


Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 400 400
Pressure range (bar) Outlet 25-275 25-275
Ball size (mm) 6, 8, 12 6, 8, 12
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6 6
Flow rate (l/mn) up to 12 l/min up to 12 l /min
Maximum Fluid Temperature (°C) 80 80
Wetted parts Aluminum SST
Weight (kg) 4 5.7
Height (cm) 12 12
Ø/Dimensions 175 175


Fitting Air Inlet 1/4" G
Fluid Inlet Ø 3/4'' G
Fluid Outlet Ø 3/4'' G

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