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PPH 308

Catalogue SAMES
High speed rotary atomizer.


The PPH 308 rotary atomizer is outfitted with a SAMES patented magnetic air bearing turbine. This bell was designed for the General Industry market, to spray electrostatically water-based, solvent or bicomponent materials.
Its versatility, resiliency and sturdiness make it the painting tool of choice for the demanding industrialist. The PPH 308 bell is found in the most diverse manufacturing environments, such as :
• Tier one and two suppliers to the automotiveindustry
• Metallic furniture
• Motorcycles
• Wood industry
• Agricultural and construction equipment
• Aluminium extrusions

Customer benefits

The PPH 308 bell is issue from the technologies developped for the most demanding car finishing requirements, and offers the highest transfer efficiency.

High transfer efficiency
The 308 bell can warranty you transfer efficiency above and beyond 80 % (under certain conditions), regardless of its speed of travel thanks to its 85 kV, 100 ? A. integral HV cascade.

Superb gloss and regularity of film build are also provided
Its matched shaping air shroud and bellcup combinations, approved by auto makers, provide the finest atomization and control over pattern sizes. The resulting high quality of finish meets with the most severe gloss and DOI (distinctness of image) specifications.

A selection of cups to choose from
SAMES provides you with a selection of shaping air shrouds and cups , permitting the spraying of all kinds of materials including very high solids (up to 70 %). The Vortex combination is introduced as "the" tool for metallics and mica paints. Each of these combos will provide the finish and coverage into cavities that was until now never achieved by other electrostatic bells.

Integrated High Voltage Unit
A system installed with PPH 308's has a better safety rating, by doing without HV cables inside the booth, reducing high amp. draws, lessening accident risks, and high maintenance costs.

Easy and fast maintenance
The PPH 308 bell was also designed with an effort to reduce to a basic minimum the maintenance interventions, and to facilitate its disassembling and reassembling.



Paint flow 30 à 500 cm3/min
Rotation speed (rpm) 5000 à 45 000 tr/min en charge
Operating voltage 85 kV
Diameter (mm) Ø 35, 50 ou 65 mm
Weight (kg) env. 2.5 kg
Fluid viscosity 12 à 50 sec. C.FORD 4
Total air consumption 20 à 45 Nm3/h
Operating air pressure 6 bar maxi
Product pressure (bar) 10 bar maxi

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