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MCR (Master Control Rack)

Catalogue SAMES
Automatic application control of a painting installation.


The new MCR control rack monitors all the parameters of an automatic powder paint installation with great precision. MCR is a 19-inch rack-mounted product, designed to be integrated into the FCR modular cabinet.
It allows the management of a range of application processes, from the simplest to the most complex, and can be combined with the different control modules such as :
• The VCR converter control robot module used to manage sweeping and reciprocator positioning.
• The TCR or CRN457 modules used to control trigger movement, flow-rate, high voltage,...
• The interface with the customer's installation used to detect the parts, authorise conveyor operation, etc.

Customer benefits

Easy to operate :
MCR permits to the operator to drive very simply the installation. The control by touch screen allows a simple and fast input on actions.

Time savings :
MCR ensures the automatic calibration of high and low points of the robot, with equipments you installed. During production, you can change the parameters of each table on-line and with out stopping the conveyor. A correcting coefficient can adjust each the table parameters without changing them (for instance : the powder flow of all sprayers is increased of 10 % simultaneously).

Flexibility of use :
MCR allows to manage simultaneously tow types of different sprayers (INOBELL and Auto-Mach-Jet) in one spraying table. The sprayers can be parametered independently, and when the part is detected : the film built is homogenous, thus major paints savings are achieved.

Preventive maintenance :
A production assessment permits counting the functioning hours of sprayers and robots. Setting of alarm levels is possible. It permits to inform user when the preventive maintenance time is reached, in order to check :
• the electrode of Auto Mach-Jet
• the powder feed system
• the vertical sweeping move of the robot


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