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Catalogue SAMES
Automatic electrostatic powder coating applicator.


Auto-mach-jet provides coating performance, ease of cleaning, simplicity, to allow you to increase your productivity and color change even faster ! The applicator Auto-Mach-Jet easily applies all types of powders on all types of parts. Combine it with the new CRN 457 controller, and the package will allow you to better handle your coating parameters, and provide you with one of the best transfer efficiencies available on the market place. Because of its design, Auto-Mach-Jet can easily and quickly be cleaned , using minimal compressed air to blow it clean, which allows for faster color changes, and an enhanced production throughput. The electric and pneumatic controls are integral with the CRN 457 controller, which makes the system compact. On its large screen, the adjustments are done following icons instructions that are easy to understand by everybody : the learning is intuitive, and the training of the operator is extremely quick.

Customer benefits

Auto-Mach-Jet applicator :
The Auto-Mach-Jet can be used for all industrial applications, on parts of all shapes :
• Metallic furniture
• Profiles
• Bikes and motor-bikes
• Railway equipment
• Agricultural equipment
• Fencing, railings and gates
• Glassware
• Automobile wheel rims
• penetrant testing
• Wood, MDF
Main features :
• High transfer efficiency
• Easy maintenance, the gun is easy to dismantle
• Q/D on powder connection (option)
• High resistance to shocks
• Large choice of nozzles
• Quick disconnect counter electrode
• Improved finish
Electrostatic Efficiency :
• The controller provides accurate and fine setting of high voltage (KV) and current (microAmps) : by adapting easily these parameters to the site conditions (parts shape, target distance, powder flow), the Auto-Mach-jet + CRN 457 package will allow you to improve on powder penetration into complex parts, on wraparound when needed, on touching up or re-coating parts, to ultimately always offer you the best finished product.
• When pushed to high powder throughputs (>20 kg/h), the applicator still delivers its charging of the powder is maintained, the transfer efficiency is excellent because of the high power of its electrical characteristics.
Batching management :
While in manual mode, the controller can store up to 9 spray tables, without the need for a PLC. Big time and money saviour for production management. Maximum safety.
The applicator meets the requirements of.
5 electrical pre-set settings, adjustable by the operator :
• Round spray
• Flat spray
• Re-coating
• Metallics
• Counter electrode
Adapts to industrial needs :
Sprays metallic powders easily with the standard nozzle.
New nozzles with an excellent homogeneity of the pattern :
• Can be used for all kinds of applications
• Compact, robust and lightweight
• Do not build up powder
• Option : A swivel nozzle may be installed (see next page)
Nozzles are highly resistant to abrasion.
The profiled design of the gun permits to blow it clean easily for automatic color changes.
Management of the powder flow :
The CRN 457 controller handles the air supply to the powder pump. By which the hose length and the mains air pressure do not affect the powder output. This results in a very regular level of quality as powder thichness is perfectly controlled.
The digital management of the powder flows permits to make the adjustments simpler, thus ensuring the repetitivity of your results.



Auto-Mach-Jet spray gun
Temperature (ambient) 0° à 40°C
Output KV 95 kV (+5 kV, -10 kV)
Maximum current 110 micronsA (+ ou - micronsA)
Supply pressure 7 bar +/- 1 bar
Max powder throughput 24 kg/h
Ground 0.85 kg
Control module CRN 457
Voltage 90 à 270 Vac
Frequency 50 - 60 Hz
Max power 60V.A
Max output KV 40 V efficace (rms)
Max output current 100 mA efficace (rms)
Max air flow 6 mg3/h

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