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Catalogue SAMES
Digital Preset Coating System.


e-Jet is the brand new powder manual coating equipment of SAMES. Ergonomic, reliable and performing, e-Jet is the combination of the best of Mach-Jet & E-series technologies. It has been specially designed for companies looking to improve their powder coating application and the overall efficiency of the operator. The brand new powder coating Mach-Jet Gun associated to its control module CRN 457 and integrated DPCS exclusive system provides an optimum charge to powder. Operator selects easily the coating program adapted to different shapes of the parts, which secures a perfect quality of finish and helps achieving powder savings.

Customer benefits

Accessible :
The control module is integrated on the front of the cart and angled allowing perfect visibility.
Universal :
The vibrating table accomodates any powder box available on the market.
Efficient :
The extremity of the powder pump secures an homogeneous fluidisation in the powder box and makes transport easier : improves application.
User-friendly :
Easily adjustable air controls :
• Vibration
• Fluidisation.
Optimized :
The box is titled to an angle, so the pick-up tube reaches the very bottom and sucks all the materials. the vibrator prevents from powder packing issues. Activated only when the gun's trigger is pressed.
Improved handling :
Reduced size with 4 casters helps moving the equipment as required.



Weight (g) 660 g
Lenght (cm) 305 mm
Max powder throughput jusqu’à 24 kg/h
Hoses Lg. 6 m Ø11 mm
Control module CRN 457
Voltage 80 kV (+ 5kV,-9kV)
Maximum current 110 ìA (+/- 10 micronA)
Supply air pressure 7 bar +/- 1 bar
Air consumption (m3/h) 15 Nm3/h
Electric supply 90/270 V - 50/60 Hz
Tightness IP 20
Dimensions 101 x 44 x 65 cm
Weight (kg) 40 kg

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