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Catalogue SAMES
High performance powder bell sprayer.


To meet the requirements of companies looking to improve paint savings, SAMES has designed Inobell, the brand new electrostatic powder bell, with high performance, high quality finish and easy integration. It allows the application of powder paint on all types of surfaces with a particular effectiveness on flat surfaces.

Customer Benefits

• High transfer efficiency
- Powder savings (15 to 20 % efficiency over an automatic gun).

• Quality of application
- Best finish and higher productivity
> regularity of film build-up,
> a counter electrode to avoid orange peel,
> large and adjustable impact distance

• Fast and easy to install
- Saving time

• Easier maintenance
- Simple to use and economical



Weight (g) 3.6 kg
Max powder throughput jusqu'à 30 kg/h
Low voltage cable 15 ou 30 m
Max output KV 75 kV
Max output current 100 micronA
Rotation speed (rpm) 7500 tr/min
Shaping air flow 0 à 80 Nl/min
Bearings protection airflow 60 Nl/min
Turbine rotation air flow 40 Nl/min (en régime stabilisé) / 100 Nl/min (en régime transitoire)

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