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Catalogue KREMLIN
The P85 machine is especially designed for metering and mixing high viscosity 2 component materials.
This version is designed for structural glazing applications.
The pneumatic self contained system comes complete with 2K manual dispensing gun and uses solvent free flushing preserving the environment and saving on solvent costs.
This P 85 machine is a robust system offering a high level of performance and productivity.

Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
Pneumatic driven pumpIndustrial equipment completly autonomous User friendlyImportant flexibility
Rugged design Great reliabilityFor a quick service and maintenance
4 valves hydraulic Unsurpassed ±2 % mixing accuracyConstant fluid output pressure
Material is directly pumped from its containerPTFE coated follower plate No product lossBest feeding and Easy to clean
Mounting with a wide range of disposable static mixer Important product savings and environmental protectionDon't need flushing equipment


Mixing ratio From 1/1 to 15/1
Depending on fluid section and adjusting option choices
Maximum fluid pressure (bar) 400
Fluid Output at 10 Cycles (l/mn) 2.9 litres
Fluid viscosity Max 500 000 cps
Base material packaging 200 litres
Hardner material packaging 20 litres
Air consumption (m3/h)
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Sound level (dBA) < 80 dBA
Weight (kg)
Total Length (cm) 1960
Width (cm) 1650
Height (cm) 2330
Wetted parts Stainless steel (fluid section and manifold)
Stainless steel + polyethylene (mixer)


Fitting Air Inlet F 3/4" G
Fluid Inlet F 3/4" G
Fluid Outlet F 3/4" G

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