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FCR (Full Control Rack)

Catalogue SAMES
Control cabinet for liquid or powder spraying systems.


The FCR standard cabinet is specifically designed to supply and control power or liquid paint spraying operations in a ventilated booth.
In the powder version, it is designed to accommodate the CRN, REV and other SAMES control modules. The FCR comes as a bare cabinet with a front panel for installing : standard 19" control units (not supplied), an electrical power supply module and an internal pneumatic supply kit included as standard.

Two models are available :
• The FCR 12, a low version capable of controlling up to 12 powder spray guns.
• The FCR 24, a tall version capable of controlling up to 24 powder spray guns.

Customer benefits

The standard FCR cabinet, used in conjunction with its various modules, controls the following functions :
• 12 spray control devices switched on and off via a part detector and time-delay device.
• Electrical power supply module for an REV700 control module (or up to two REV600 modules).
• Electrical and pneumatic supply units for 12 to 24 control modules (depending on model - FCR 12 or FCR 24).
• Auxiliary pneumatic supply unit (for powder tank for example).
• Tank powder level detector. Electrical power supply module (1) The main module is installed by default at the top of the cabinet, in front of the other modules.
• A miniature PLC is supplied as standard with the main control module to set the spray on/off time according to the part detector setting.
When no REV control module is installed, this module alone can manage the spray on/off timers according to the detection function.
The default settings of the miniature PLC are as follows :
• Time before spraying starts after detection T1 = 05 s.
• Time before spraying stops after detection T2 = 15 s.
Values T1 and T2 can be adjusted from 0 to 99 s.



Higher Version basse 1200 mm (+ socle 100 mm) / Version haute 2000 mm (+ socle 100 mm)
Width (cm) 600 mm
Depth (cm) 600 mm
Tightness IP 20
Weight (kg) 65 Kg version basse / 87.5 Kg version haute

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