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PPH 405

Catalogue SAMES
High-speed disc atomizer.


The PPH 405 is an electrostatic high-speed atomizer for spraying liquid paints. It is fitted vertically on a reciprocating mechanism in the centre of the loop of an Omega type conveyor. The PPH 405 disc is the standard tool par excellence for electrostatic paint plants. Very versatile, it can just as well be used for metal frames as for cycles or wooden furniture.

Atomization is ensured essentially by electrostatics. The atomizing disc is driven by a compressed air turbine carried by an insulating body. It is connected to a high voltage booster. This atomizer is designed to include three independent product circuits ; two circuits fitted with a 2-way or 3-way valve mounted directly upstream the injector for fast colour changing. The third for a cleaning agent. The shaping air permits the product to be confined to a given space. The turbine, the insulating body, the protection resistor and the supply circuits are protected by an insulating cover.

Customer benefits

Versatility :
Its high rotation speed permits the spraying of all coating products within a large range of outputs and viscosities : classical solvent-based or water borne paints, primers and clear coats, high-solid content and single and two-component paints.

Quality finishing :
Its fine spraying gives treated surfaces an excellent finish. Thanks to its efficient penetration, there is little or no call for touch-ups.

Excellent wraparound effect :
This spraying principle gives the best possible transfer efficiency.


Weight (kg) 10 kg
Height (mm) 985 mm
Diameter (mm) 325 mm
Turbine air pressure 6 bar (90 psi)
Turbine air flow 10 - 60 Nm3/h
Air shrouds pressure 1.5 / 19 bar 2 / 25 bar
Rotation speed (round/mn) 7000 à 21 000 tr/min
Air flow rotation 12 - 40 Nm3/h
Product pressure (bar) 6 bar (90 psi)
Paint flow 80 - 1200 cc/min (selon produit)
Viscosity range < 120 secondes (Coupe AFNOR n°4)
Resistivity < 500 Moméga.cm
Voltage 100 kV
Maximum current 200 à 500 uA

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