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Catalogue KREMLIN
The E60 is a modular electronic gear metering machine for dosing and mixing low to medium viscosity materials (epoxy, polyurethans ans Silicones) .
The E 60 system can dispense in volumetric shots or continuos flow.
The system enables you to carry out a wide range of applications.
The machine is mounted on a chassis or on a robot and can be fed by Gravity - Pressure Pots or Pump supply
The mixing can either be by static or dynamic mixer
The electronic control system enables ratio, pressure monitoring, and all data is easily entered by a user friendly touch screen control.
The electronic control also enables direct communication with automatic systems

Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
Continuous ratio checking and alarm Universal use meeting most requirements and unique on the market ! High productionHigh dosing accuracy
Metering by gear pump technologie used Can accept a wide range of material viscosity from 100 Cps to 200 000 Cps
Large range of gear pump available Handles a large range of materialsLarge choice of mixing ratio available
Simple and rugged design Great reliabilityImportant flexibilityFor a quick service and maintenance


Mixing ratio From 1 : 1to 50 : 1
depending on type of gear pump
Max Produit Pressure (upon gear pump type)(bar) 60
Fluid flow rate (l/mn) 10
Fluid viscosity Max 200 000 cps
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Sound level (dBA) < 80 dBA
Wetted parts Choice of stainless steel or treated steel gear pumps
Gun also available in stainless steel or aluminum, polyethylene or acetal mixing unit


Fitting Air Inlet F 3/4" G
Fluid Inlet F 3/4" G
Fluid Outlet F 3/4" G

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