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TRP 501 - TRP 502

Catalogue SAMES
Paint applicators with air and electrostatics.


The automatic TRP 501-00D (single gun) and TRP 502-00D (twin-gun) atomizers have been designed for the electrostatic application of all kinds of liquid paints :
solventborne, waterborne, high-solids, two-component, clear coat, etc.
They can be used with paints at room temperature or preheated up to 50 C (120 F). These high-flow TRP 501-00D and TRP 502-00D atomizers have been designed to spray not only on large surfaces, but also tubes, wirework and intricately-shaped parts. They guarantee fast color changes. They can be used in a stationary position or installed on a reciprocator, a single axis or a multi-axes robot.

Customer benefits

Easy to use
Parameter adjustments (paint flow, atomisation, spray pattern) are set manually, remotely or automatically with a PLC.

Important paint savings
The electrostatic process permits the paint to be concentrated on the object. An excellent transfer efficiency is obtained thanks to the high voltage adjustable between 0 and 100 kV. Up to 60 % paint can be saved depending on the part, the paint and the setting.

Excellent finish
Fine atomization and an excellent film build are achieved thanks to the use of high voltage.
No booth contamination from flushing
The manifold has an in-built dump valve for emptying, flushing and refilling so that no waste is dumped to the booth during color change.
Paint flow control
This type of atomizer is a component of efficient paint systems with parts detection triggering the guns only when there are parts to spray.
High flow operations
An extra feature of particular interest is the TRP 502-00D twin-gun configuration. Two guns fixed on a common manifold work simultaneously to form a single spray pattern with paint flows up to 1200 cm3/min.


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