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PPH 707 - MS-Gun

Catalogue SAMES
Robotic multi-process gun sprayer for solvent based paint.


PPH 707-MS-GUN with manual tool change "multi-process" is mainly dedicated to Tier 1 paint lines. This allows switching quickly from a gun to a bell process and vice versa for solvent based paint application.

A multipurpose tool :
This tool, belonging to Range 7 sprayers (PPH 707-SB), is composed of a common body integrating an high voltage cascade (UHT 157), the product and air circuits and is ended by a quick fixation nut on which can be fixed a sprayer head of bell type (PPH 707-SB) or a singlehead gun.
Example : the application of a second base coat is generally carried out with an electrostatic gun but can also be carried out with a bell (paint saving).
An upgradable spraying system :
MULTISPRAY makes the spraying process evolution easier, the same tool switching easily from a gun to a bell configuration. PPH 707-MSGUN allows validating "all electrostatic" and "bell for 2nd base coat" processes, with the aim of optimizing paint consumption. Mass production on a paint line can start with an electro-pneumatic gun, and then the operator can adapta bell to carry out trials with the aim of changing the 2nd base coat application process. It can easily come back to the gun configuration and resume production up to the final application with bell ; thus without disassembling the common body from the robot which does not change.

Customer benefits

• Validation of all the processes from outside the line by using only one set.
• Reduction of the time necessary to the validation of the new shapes, paints and colours.
• Reduction of the time for assembly/disassembly of configurations.
• Use of only one equipment : reduction of the number of spare parts and maintenance costs.
• Ideal for the validations of Bell/Gun on site.


Spare atomizer, without cable or hose 6.08 kg
High voltage unit UHT 157 0.9 kg
Max operating voltage 100 kV
Maximum current 200 uA
Fluid output (cc/mn) 30 à / to 1000 cc/min. maxi (selon peinture / according paint)
Normal supply pressure 6 à / to 8 bar
max pressure 10 bar
Fluid viscosity 20 à 40 s. - coupe AFNOR / FORD cup N°4 / 20 à 45 s. - coupe AFNOR / FORD cup N°4
Air pressure
Nano-valve drive 8 bar mini - 10 bar maxi
Micro-valve drive 6 bar mini - 10 bar maxi
Fan air 6 bar maximum
Total air consumption
pilot 10 Nl/min

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