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PPH 707 - EXT

Catalogue SAMES
Robotic external charge atomizer for waterborne paints.


PPH 707-EXT is exclusively equipped with the EX 65 Hi-TE EXT spraying technology ; it procures the following advantages :
• High transfer efficiency with a Bell/Bell process
• Easy application on the outer surfaces of the car bodies (waterborne primers and base coats)
• Really good color matching application
• Robustness of pattern
• Easy application of metallic base coats
• Very simple implementation of Hi-TE technology : only one air adjustment
• Approved for high paint flow and high tip speed
• Respect of the new environment protection regulations : PPH 707-EXT allows a significant decrease of VOC (Volatil Organic Compound) emanations

Customer benefits

Easy integration :
• Its implementation is easy for waterborne paint application : PPH 707-EXT can be installed on an existing line without any modification of the paint supply equipment.
• Possibility to apply an unlimited number of colors and to achieve fast color changes.

Paint savings :
• The variation of the pattern is possible while spraying thanks to the Hi-TE technology which allows instantaneous pattern changes :
- from a narrow pattern dedicated to edges and very small surfaces (= less paint out of the target),
- to a wide pattern for large surfaces (= reduction of application time).

Flexibility :
• Specially developed for the robotic application, PPH 707-EXT is compact. The atomizer makes it easier the robot trajectories, what is an advantage for spraying on difficult angles or on complex shapes.

High finish quality :
• Hi-TE technology allows combining both a really fine atomization with an accurate control of the paint pattern, what gives a finish quality meeting the most severe criteria of appearance and D.O.I. (Quality of reflection).
• The implementation of the Hi-TE is very simple : only one air adjustment is necessary for the application.
• The robustness of the pattern is guaranteed all along the production, the paint spray remains regular and stable throughout the wide range of variation proposed by the Hi-TE.

Sturdiness in production :
• The high voltage unit is of very high power ; it will run even in severe application conditions (dirt/overspray, application within bodies, or close to the potential of the earth).


Color change PPH 707 EXT-RC
Paint consumption
Rinsing product consumption 300 cm3 (hors boîte de rinçage / without rinsing box)
Standard process time 10 sec. (avec REVERSE FLUSH)
Optimized process time 5 sec. (avec / with REVERSE FLUSH)
Same color (head rinsing + bell cup) PPH 707 EXT-RC
Time 6 sec.
Rinsing product consumption 50 cm3

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