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Catalogue SAMES
Automatic air shroud cleaner by Sames.


This roll-around bench allows to easily wash any of his Sames various internal and external bell shrouds : it is easy to use, and provides a thorough and impeccable wash up in a minimum period of time.
Bellcover-Wash'Up can deal with up to 10 shrouds at a time, in pairs. Compact and mounted on casters, Bellcover-Wash'Up is ideal for use in all aintenance cribs.

Customer benefits

Performance : It is particularly useful for all water based materials, which are notoriously difficult to wash thoroughly.
Simple : Only one air supply and an electrical outlet are needed to install and start it. (It is most recommended to also install a solvent fumes disposal system).
Efficient : Alternate blasts of compressed air and of solvent (or cleaning material) result in a thorough and accurate cleaning which is extremely difficult to achieve by hand.

Safety Optimised : The use of Bellcover-Wash'Up also protects operators health : no hazard with breathing in solvent fumes which are dangerous to one's health when extensively exposed.

Productive : important throughput as can accomodate up to 10 shrouds, even of different models.

Economical : extends the lifespan of the shrouds, and offers the capability to re-use the cleaning material for many cycles.

Available : Permits to wash up shrouds while producing with an alternate set.

Ergonomic : compact conception, light and mobile, Bellcover-Wash'Up roll-around box is easy to move around.

Bellcover-Wash'Up generates a low noise level, requires limited maintenance, is simple to operate. Only 2 switches : one to power it up, one to set up the cycle time.



Dimensions H x L x P : 1120 x 980 x 470 mm
Weight (empty) env. 100 kg
Capacity jusqu’à 10 jupes (montées par paire) lavées simultanément
Bells available PPH 607, PPH 605, PPH 308 et ACCUBELL 607
Average cycle time 80 min (de 30 à 120 min)
Air supply réseau d’air standard à 6 bar
Electric supply 220 V (50/60 Hz)
Codes in force connecter le bac à un dispositif d’aspiration des vapeurs de solvant avant la mise en marche de l’appareil

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