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Cup Clean'Up

Catalogue SAMES
Automatic cup cleaner by Sames.


This roll-around bench permits the end user to carry out a fast and efficient cup wash. Designed to accomodate the various Sames cups, it is easy to operate, and produces a thorough and impeccable cup wash in a minimum time. Cup-Clean'Up can wash up to 10 cups at a time. Compact and mounted on casters, Cup-Clean'Up is ideal for use in all maintenance cribs.

Customer benefits

Performance : It is particularly useful for all water based materials, which are notoriously difficult to wash thoroughly.

Simple : Only one air supply and one electrical outlet are needed to install and start it.
Efficient : Compressed air combined with vibrations produce a complete and thorough clean up, which is always difficult to achieve by hand.

Safety optimised : Using Cup-Clean'Up protects operators health : no risk of injury from cup handling during the cleaning process (sharp edge cups), or of inhaling obnoxious fumes for any extended period of time.

Productive : Important throughput with its 10 cups capability.

Economical : Increases cups life, and allows for repeated use of the same washing fluid.

Available : Permits to wash up cups while spraying with an alternate set.

Ergonomic : compact conception, light and mobile, Cup-Clean'Up roll-around box is easy to move around. Cup-Clean'Up generates a low noise level, requires limited maintenance, is simple to operate.

Only 2 switches : one to power it up, one to set up the cycle time.



Dimensions H x L x P : 1110 x 780 x 320 mm
Weight (empty) env. 90 kg
Capacity jusqu’à 10 bols lavés simultanément
Cups available 50 EC et 65 EC
Average cycle time 80 min (30 à 120 min)
Air supply réseau d’air standard à 6 bar
Codes in force local ventilé, possibilité d’extraire les solvants

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