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MIV 6600

Catalogue SAMES
Manual electrostatic painting equipment with high transfer efficiency


The MIV 6600 equipment meets the requirements set forth to spraying paints and clear coats industrially. This unit is composed of a MIV 6600 handgun and a GNM 100 control module.

Customer benefits

Environment friendly :
The MIV 6600 drastically increases the transfer efficiency of the paint onto the part : this reduces the VOC emissions and helps your installation to comply with environment rules. MIV 6600 helps reducing the booth maintenance by avoiding over-spray and associated dirt on the walls or mud on floor.
Paint savings :
Thanks to its high transfer efficiency, the electrostatic set MIV 6600 easily improves penetration and wraparound, according to the shape and size, of the part or the spraying distance. Great paint savings are achieved thanks.
Enhanced safety :
With its integral cascade, there is no more awkward HV cable and the sparking discharges they generated, but a simple low voltage cable. The safety of the gun is thence much better. The MIV + GNM package is CE approved in Europe and FM approved in the USA.
A perfect finishing :
The accurate centring of the Air cap on the nozzle garantes that the paint jet is homogeneous thus optimising the electrostatique wraparound. This new SAMES feature ensures a better consistency of the apint on the target and a perfect finishing.
Simplified maintenance :
The MIV 6600 is made easy to clean by its smooth and rounded shapes : a well cleaned gun has a longer lifespan, and its materials are ultra solvent resistant. The air + low voltage cable can be disconnected easily and fast thanks to the quick-disconnect device mounted at the handle.
Adjustments time savings :
While spraying, one can adjust the size of the pattern by turning the knob at the back of the gun. This feature, unique to SAMES, simultaneously readjusts the paint flow. The gun compounds simplicity, efficiency, and ease of use.
Optimized ergonomy :
The MIV 6600 sits comfortably in the operator's hand, handy to move around because of its lightweight and improved balance, the best in the market place, among other reasons because the fluid line is routed through the handle, which is a unique feature with all SAMES handguns.



Dimensions MIV 6600 GNM 100
Lenght (cm) JP : 300 mm / JR : 290 mm 220 mm
Width (cm) 175 mm
Higher 84 mm
Weight (g) 620 g 3 Kg
Pulverisation Jet rond Jet plat conventionnel Jet plat ESLP*
Max pattern 320 à 430 mm selon les calibres 450 mm 660 mm
Fluid output (cc/mn) De 70 à 750 De 100 à 750 De 100 à 750
Version MIV6600.1 (non isolé) (peinture haute résistivité) MIV 6600.H1 (isolé sur 5 m) (peinture basse résistivité) MIV 6600 W (isolé) (peinture conductrice)
Resistivity de 10 a 500 Moméga.cm de 1 a 500 Moméga.cm Quelques Koméga.cm
Length of hose 9, 15 ou 20 m 9, 15 ou 20 m 9 m
Fluid viscosity Jet rond Jet plat conventionnel Jet plat ESLP*
FORD cup n°2.5 de 14 à 40 sec. de 14 à 40 sec. de 14 à 30 sec.
FORD cup n°4 de 45 à 200 sec. de 45 à 200 sec. de 45 à 175 sec.

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