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D3P Pump

Catalogue SAMES
High-accuracy powder-paint metering and feed pump.


D3P is the new precision-built, high-accuracy powder-feed pump.
Particularly efficient thanks to new dense phase powder-feed technology, the D3P ensures high-performance feed to the applicator.
The advantages of this system are :
• Pumping stability over long periods of use (very low maintenance).
• Constant, adjustable powder flow rate during spraying : powder spray is flexible, regular and pulse-free (increased application quality).
• No powder deterioration during feed.
• Wide flow rate range (up to 500 g/min).
• Production monitoring with history.
• Ease of integration on existing installations.
For our customers, this is the guarantee of a consistent high-quality finish.

Customer benefits

Flow-rate Management and Control :
The system is designed to provide a stable powder flow rate with an accuracy level equal to ± 5 % of the setpoint. This level of accuracy makes it possible to reduce applied thickness tolerances, thus making major savings in powder quantities. This guarantees high-quality application together with major paint-saving criteria, which is particularly important for our customers since return on the initial investment is extremely rapid.
In addition to the pumping function, a weighing sensor linked to each pump recovers all data necessary for real-time monitoring of the application process.

• Examples of checks and data feedback :
- Consumption per spray gun (g/part)
- Instant flow rate per spray gun (g/min)
- Pump pressure
- Alarms (pumping, filling faults, etc.)
- Quick and easy remote calibration (e.g. avoids bag-weighing at spray gun level)
- Pump controlled by flow rate setpoint

Easy maintenance :
> The pump has no moving, mechanical components in contact with the powder likely to cause pumping malfunctions (reduced flow rate or clogging). Low-maintenance guaranteed.
> D3P stands out because there is no air injection system, unlike conventional "venturi" systems. There is therefore no variation in powder flow rates caused by wear of any nature = Extremely robust pump.
> Numerous pump components are rapidly accessible and removable (tank, level sensor, upper control block, etc.) = time-saving + no connection risks.

• Pump performance confirmed on site under production conditions
• Reduction of application dispersion
• Compact tank
• Accurate and constant flow rate
• Extremely quick filling
• Production monitoring
• Ease of maintenance
• Colour change



Total weight of pump assembly 6.1 kg (à vide) / 7 kg (rempli)
Weight of vibrator 0.9 kg
Total volume of pump tank 3.9 litres
Useful pumping capacity 1.8 litres
Paint flow
According to powder used 150 - 350 g/min en phase dense (tuyau réf. : 130000395) 300 - 500 g/min en phase dense (tuyau réf. : 130000396)
Feed distance
Dense phase 8 m maxi.
In diluted phase after connection to dilution block 12 m maxi.
Filling of D3P by depressurization 200 gr. en 3 secondes / 500 gr. en 6 secondes / 800 gr. en 10 secondes
Flushing of powder hose dense phase 2 à 3 secondes
Air flow
Pressurisation air 1.8 à 3.6 m0 3/h
Vibrator air (option) 0.9 m0 3/h
Dilution air 1.2 à 3 m0 3/h

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