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Vortemail VEC

Catalogue SAMES
Automatic applicator for enamels or charged waterborne materials.


A solution to spray automatically non-solvent based materials, like porcelain enamels, ceramics, or charged waterborne materials. The Vortemail VEC is designed for spraying liquid porcelain enamel and non-solvent based materials.
A component of an automatic system, its needle and nozzle combination provide a clean triggering of the material and a possibility for remote adjustment of the pattern. Its standard mount is stationary or on a reciprocating machine, but may also accommodate a robot. Spraying with the Vortemail VEC provides the benefits of electrostatics to the customer, and a perfect finish from the finest atomization. Transfert efficiency is much higher than that of a conventional atomizer, providing substantial materials savings. Coating times are reduced, as are booth maintenance and cleaning operations.

Customer benefits

The diaphragm technology of the Vortemail VEC provides longevity, resistance to abrasion, flow control during spraying.
Reliability : the technology provides a lifespan 4 or 5 times longer than a regular atomizer
Triggering at the gun : even with high numbers of triggers, we maintain perfect sealing
Complete and thorough flushing of the gun : low chamber volume, no wetted spring .
East maintenance : the needle tip is a clip-on type
• Excellent resistance to abrasion of the needle tip and nozzle
• Possibility to circulate the material directly at the gun, to avoid material sedimentation in the tubes when at rest.
Excellent finish : the atomization of the product is finer when used with the Vortex nozzles
Adaptability : the size of the pattern may be adjusted to spraying requirements, saving even more material.



Pulverisation air pressure 6 bar maxi
Operating air pressure 5.5 bar mini
Product pressure (bar) 3 bar maxi
Fluid output (cc/mn) 1000 cc/maxi (selon la densité)
Air consumption (m3/h) 60 m3/h à 5 bar
Voltage 100 kV
Temperature (°C) 50°C maxi
Weight (kg) 1.2 Kg

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