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Catalogue SAMES
Powder-coating booth with fast colour change system.


Productivity, Economy, Compact Size and Ergonomics are the key words that sum up requirements in the surface treatment business today. To meet these criteria and satisfy the most demanding customers, Sames has developed EasyCompact, its new automatic powder-coating system, built around a new booth for even faster colour change !

Customer benefits

More Compact :
EasyCompact, the most compact booth on the market, with dimensions reduced to the absolute minimum :
• The ventilation systemis connected via an duct with lateral, overhead outlet to save floor space.
• Few bends in the ventilation duct to limit powder retention.
• The stationsfor prepowdering or repowdering are built into the booth, so there is no need for an external platform.
• The powder stationis ventilated by the main filter unit.
• The powder feed centre is highly compact with no filter cartridges.
• No more need for safety guards around the reciprocators, which makes for easier access and maintenance.
More Efficient :
Uniform ventilation fl ow throughout the booth :
• The unique fl oor extractor system is the result of R&D and modelling work on air flows.
• The bottomof the automatic zone is specially shaped to guarantee high-performance application and reduced powder retention.
• A floor slotin the manual zones makes for more effective powder removal.
More Productive :
Colour changing time reduced to absolute minimum :
• The smooth plastic walls almost completely overcome the problem of powder adhesion.
• The automatic zone is closed off by defl ectors, meaning that the rest of the booth remains powder-free during application.
• The operator cleans the entire booth from the outside using an ultra-light blow gun designed for eff ortless cleaning.
• There is no defl ector at the bottom of the cabin, as it can be heavy for the operator to handle during cleaning.
• The reciprocators move back simultaneously during the automatic cleaning phase.
More Economical :
Optimum application :
• The Auto-Mach-Jetautomatic spray gun generates a constant voltage supply to the work surface to guarantee high-effi ciency transfer.
• Auto-Mach-Jet is also designed to guarantee excellent powder penetration in parts with complex shapes.
• Smooth, streamlined spray-gun body for easy cleaning.
• Complete current control ensures a perfect coating finish and prevents any backfl ow.
• Tough, reliable sifter with perforated plate fi tted at the bottom of the cyclone.
More Ergonomic : The system design has given priority to the operator's health and comfort :
• The flat floormakes it easy for the operator to move freely near the parts being painted.
• The new light, elongated nozzle simplifi es touch-up work.
• The wide openingsmake for easier access to the manual stations.
• If the operator forgets to open the exit doors, they open automatically when the parts come through to avoid any risk of damage or destruction.
• The remote controls at the back of the Mach-Jet spray gun can be used to adjust powder flow and the high-voltage supply without leaving the booth.

Every effort has been made to provide the operator with as healthy a working environment as possible :
• Side defl ectorsprovide protection against the automatic spray guns.
• If the manual spray gun moves away from the part being painted, the new "clean hands" electrical feature ensures that no paint is sprayed back onto the operator :
• Low noise (< 80 dB) under normal operating conditions (except for cleaning phase).
More User-Friendly & Accessible : The system control interface is more ergonomic and perfectly accessible to the operator :
• Control data displayed on large colour screen.
• All controls are centralised for accurate and simplified control.
• Use of powder application tables.
• Flow rate variation according to part length.
• Total production management.
• Cleaning procedure assistance.
• Automatic recognition of part size as parts enter the booth.


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