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Catalogue SAMES
Manual modular booth for elecrostatic powder coating.


The ManuCompact booth has been designed by Sames to equip manual powder coating installations. Ideal for limited spaces, the ManuCompact booth is perfect for small and medium production series. It is also extremely useful for application on prototypes and samples and on parts moving along a conveyor. It can powder coat objects as big as 1.2 m in height, 1 m in width and 0.65 m in depth.

Customer benefits

To give you entire satisfaction, Sames has made this booth compact, mobile and adaptable to an automatic line.

Optimum safety and comfort :
The perfectly regular horizontal air flow and low noise level of this installation contribute to making the work zone atmosphere very agreeable.
• For simplified use, the control cabinet integrates all electric and pneumatic functions and the pressure drop and cartridges unclogging readout.

Sturdy construction and appropriate technology :
• Because of its compact design and need for less floor space, the ManuCompact booth fits easily into work shops and automatic lines.
• The ManuCompact booth can be integrated rapidly into the customer's production outfit thanks to its easy mobility and fast and simple connections.
• Made of stainless steel, the ManuCompact booth from Sames only requires minimum aintenance and upkeep.
• When the ManuCompact booth is used with a single colour, extra powder is recovered.



Specifications Cabine Pièce
Overall height 3117 mm 1200 mm
Working height 460 mm
Width (cm) 2240 mm 1000 mm
Depth (cm) 1500 mm (table repliée) / 1900 mm (table depliée) 650 mm
Powder tank 2000 mm
Weight (kg) 450 kg 30 kg
Cartridge filter 4
Air flow 4500 m3/h
Filtration area (cm²) 80 m2
Power (kW) 5 kVA
Fan rating 3 kW
Consumption of compressed air 18 Nm3/h sous 5 bar

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