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Feather dusting machines

Catalogue SAMES
System that blows the dust off the car bodies.


Sames proposes an exclusive system to blow off the dust from the car bodies before they enter the paint line. After its assembly, the car body goes through a series of treatments to make it attacksresistant (corrosion) ; it is then ready to be painted.
Just before entering the paint line, the car body has to be dust or particle-free so that the colour application is the most perfect possible.
The basic principle is simple : the car body enters a machine like a "car wash" with rollers that wipes dry the body to eliminate the dust particles. This machine is thus equipped with several rollers that follow the profile of the car body in turn and wipe it all along its surface.
With respect to the customer's process, air-knives can be added and feathers ionised to better catch the dust particles (the car body will have to be then de-ionised), thus resulting in several types of feather dusting machines.The feathers are fixed to rollers with a particular direction to optimize the surface in contact with the car body. This fixation is of course very solid to avoid feathers coming off.

Customer benefits

Roof tracking :
Ensures the uniformity of the dusting all over the car body, notably along the vertical surfaces. It allows the dusting station working with a high speed conveyor.

Control system :
Guaranties an accurate positioning. No risk of a too deep penetration of the car body inside the roller.

Complete roller range :
Sames proposes rollers with small diameters in order to adapt the machine even more to the car body outskirts. If the diameter is too important or not adapted, certain parts of the car body can penetrate inside the rollers, thus ending up in the premature wear of the feathers.

Rotation of +/- 90 of the roof beam :
Easy access for all the types of car bodies, notably thanks to the "car body tracking" function.

Beam anti-colliding system :
Safer for the car body and the machine.
Roller anti-colliding cells :
Safer for the roller and the car body.
Equipped with de-ionising sprays (directed upwards and downwards) :
More efficient than a standard blowing system.
User-friendly supervision automatism :
Each parameter can be set with respect to the cutting table at each centimetre. Automatism the most fl exible of the market. Remote updating possible.
Reduced air consumption :
400 Nm3/H per portico.
Reduced extraction air consumption :
12000 Nm3/H for 6-metre rollers.


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