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REV 600

Catalogue SAMES
Management of controls in an automatic system.


The REV 600 was designed to control an automatic powder or liquid electrostatic system. It controls :
• The operation of one or 2 reciprocator(s) RFV 2000
• The triggering of the guns
• The interfacing with the I/O's of the system.

The spray parameters, with its PLC :
• Reciprocating motion : 1 to 3 zones, in which one may select the direction reversal points and the speed change points.
• Speed adjustable per zone from 0 to 60 m/min
• Trigger points for up to 6 guns per recip.
• Possibility to enter 10 spray programs for production batching

The REV 600 interfaces with the system to manage :
• Parts detection (presence of parts)
• External faults detection
• Correct operation of the booth (conveyor and ventilation)
• Faults : warning and external output authorizing a start up (ex : conveyor)
• Delay-timers, to spray spaced batches of parts, or parts needing to be coated by 2 recips, or for guns installed over a maximum of 3 different planes in space.

Customer benefits

The REV 600 controller provides the operator with a simple-to-use tool to run his system :
• Operator friendly : programming is simple and instructive (displays all functions commands with easy to read icons)
• Extremely reliable : managed through a PLC
• Easy to run : surfing through the menus is made even simpler by the ease of programming
• Saves time : easy entering of the recip's top and low reversal points. During production, one may go from one of the spray programs to the other without interruption of the spraying.
• Ergonomic : the touch-screen permits easy and instant entering of parameters.


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