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PVV EasyColor

Catalogue SAMES
Automatic powder coating installation.


Design is easily adapted to meet customer needs :
• Modular booth : 3 m, 4.5 m and 6 m and height from 3 to 4 m (10, 14.5 and 20 feet and height from 8 to 13 feet)
• Gun arrangement and ventilation are selected to maximize transfer efficiency
Booth constructed completely of plastic material :
• A PVC and plastic honeycomb composite
• Low powder build up on the walls
• Easy to clean with air• Automatic cleaning :
An air pressurized cleaning system for :
• Powder feeding pumps
• Powder hoses and interior of spray applicators
• Outside of spray applicators are cleaned inside the booth from the outside air nozzles
• Reclaim powder hose


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