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The Multispray are electrostatic robotic atomizers meant exclusively for solvent paints. They combine, in a unique feature, the possibility to spray with a gun or with a bell,from the same common base, the spray heads being quickly interchanged to turn into the type of applicator desired. This most versatile tool, born from the famous SAMES PPH series, is made of a main body (or manifold), which incorporates the air and fluid supplies and the HV cascade. It is outfitted with a quick-disconnect feature which permits a quasi instantaneous tool change and go to (or from) a bell (Multispray 607), or a single head gun (Multispray 501 or 701), or a twin gun (Multispray 502 or 702) in a matter of seconds. The Multispray system will allow its user to validate an all-electrostatic solution including dusting by bells, in order to reduce paint usage.

Customer benefits

Speak of versatility !
One body, the requisite bell/single gun/twin gun heads, and you have all the applicators you want …at the tip of your robot !
A spraying system "on the move"
The Multispray system facilitates the whole approach to finishing, the same assembly being easily configured into a gun or a bell.
Production on the painting line may start with a Multispray 501 (air-electrostatic gun) or a Sprayer 701 r 702 (HVLP), then one may want to go with a Multispray 607 vortex bell, to test the electrostatic dusting with a bell for instance, and return to normal production schedule with the original Multispray 501.
In the same spirit, one may elect to change from the Multispray 607 bell configuration to a gun configuration if series of complex-shaped parts are introduced on the line, requiring a gun.
• Approval testing can be completed with only one Multispray system instead of with each gun or each bell configuration.
• Reduction by 70 % of the time needed for the validation of parts, paints and colors.
• Reduction of the time needed for the installation or removal of the different configurations.
• The Multispray system allows increased line uptime.
• The Multispray is made a safer product, by its integral cascade and the in-built safety features of the GNM 100/200 power supply.
• The Multispray system permits to optimize transfer efficiency, thus reducing paint consumption.
• Only one style applicator for different applications, drastically reduces maintenance costs and the need for a big inventory of parts.


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