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AP 1000 - HVP 125

Catalogue SAMES
Measuring devices.


The AP 1000 resistivohmmeter is specially designed for quick and precise measurement of the resistivity of paints and varnishes, as they are sprayed with electrostatics. This process allows the use of current commercial paint, provided that the thinner added before use gives these paints certain qualities making them easier to atomize and spray. Resistivity plays an important part. This unit is a valuable auxiliary for paint development laboratories, suppliers test departments or end-users.

The unit is made of :
• A metal box with, lid open, a control plate showing :
A - The meter with 3 reading scales, red, black and blue
B - The diode LED for batteries check.
C - The red, black and blue buttons correspond to their respective measuring scales on the display.
• The measurement probe (D), connected to the box through flexible and solvent resistant cable. For storage, the probe fits snuggly inside the box.

HVP 125 : This "kilovoltmeter" device measures with accuracy the high voltage in "KV" at the end of the sprayer. It must be carefully grounded before use. Place the spherical end of the probe in contact with the sprayer end (bell or head).



Measures resistivities comprises entre 0.5 M oméga.cm et 1000 M oméga.cm
Weight (kg) 130 x 170 x 120 mm
Dimensions 1.6 kg

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