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Easy Rinsing pump

Catalogue SAMES
Flow management.

Customer benefits

• New generation of pumps
• Ensures an accurate flow
• Dedicated to two-component products, either water or solvent based.
• The gear pump is easy to rinse ; thus allowing time and rinsing product savings. This better rinsability is due to the absence of bearing hosing for driving and driven shafts.
• Tightness area cleaned thanks to a dedicated device.
• High cleaning performance upon colour-change phases.
• Anti-wear surface treatment on all inner parts.


Air pressure 3 bar mini (43.5 psi) / 6 bar maxi (87 psi)
Maxi. inlet product pressure (bar) 0.5 bar mini (7.25 psi) / 2 bar maxi (29 psi)
Maxi. outlet product pressure (bar) 15 bar (217.5 psi)
Rotation speed (round/mn) de 10 tr/min à 150 tr/min selon peinture utilisée (meilleurs résultats obtenus entre 30 et 80 tr/min). Rinçage : maximum 40 tr/min en circuit ouvert.
Maximum temperature (°C) 120°C maximum
Mixing accuracy environ 2 %

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