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Peristaltic pumps

Catalogue SAMES
Gear pumps.


The peristaltic pump ensures a product flow rate proportional to its rotation speed.
The principle of the peristaltic pump system is three turning rollers which flatten the flexible hose. The assembly comprises two pumps in parallel (pump head and extension head) which feed a single spray gun. The product pulsation on leaving the nozzle is thus reduced and the range of flow rates can be increased if necessary. There is no need to feed the pump with a pressurised or other circulating product.
- Quick flexible hose change
- Good hose service life
- Reduced maintenance


Dimensions Tête de pompe Tête d'extension
Width (cm) 85 85
Height (mm) 82 82
Depth (cm) 53 58
Pressure Utilisation
Maxi. outlet product pressure (bar) 10 (150 psi)
Max rotation speed (tr/min) 220
Pump 100 % rinçage à l’eau
Fluid flow rate (l/mn) Tuyau flexible (mm) Débit (cm3/min) Vitesse (tr/min)
Corresponding range of flow (longueur tuyau produit = 10 m) ø 4.8 / ø 6.4 / ø 8 440 / 720 / 1000 30 / 60 / 90 / 125
Corresponding range of speed (densité = 1.75, setup =1050gr/m2, 2faces) ø 6.4 / ø 6.4 / ø 6.4 /ø 6.4 180 / 360 / 550 / 720
Hose fluid connection ø ext. 9 ø ext. 9

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