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PU 3000

Catalogue KREMLIN
The PU 3000, innovative economical and patented solution, combines electronic control and mechanical metering, ready to use.
The user-friendly control box allows the operator to intuitively learn how to operate the machine.

PATENTED : The innovative pump change-over - FREE PULSE ELECTRONIC technology (FPE) - features a perfectly constant output and a +/- 1 % metering accuracy for an outstanding finish and operator peace of mind.
Electronic dosing constantly monitors the actual material consumption of products and calculates the VOC.

The machine can be installed in an ATEX 1 or 2 zone to be in close proximity to the operator.
PU 3000 is available in HTi / HPA / HTV, AIRMIX® and AIRLESS versions to meet most markets requirements.

Features / Benefits

Features Benefits
Plug & Spray Quick start-up
KREMLIN REXSON patent : Free Pulse Electronic Control (FPE) Innovative control system of pump change-over Constant fluid flowrateUnsurpassed +/- 1 % mixing accuracy and +/- 1 % repeatability
Direct injection in the high performance static mixer Perfect mixing
Recording of fluid consumptions and VOCPossibility to print records Fluid and solvent consumptions stored in memory
Automatic component management : base, catalyst and solventAutomatic flushing and material generationUser-friendly control panel User friendlyUser-friendly and easy programming for the operator
Preventive maintenance alarmContinuous ratio checking and alarmLow level drum alarm Safe operation
Ratio check kit in standart with 2 liters test tubeFilter and drain assembly in standart Visual control of mixing accuracyNo product loss
Sealing done by a FLOWMAX® bellow on the catalyst side High reliabilityTotal sealing between pump and its environment, ideal to work with moisture-sensitive catalysts
Wide range of ratio from 5 to 160 %Suitable for HTi / HPA / HTV, AIRMIX®, AIRLESS spraying technologiesVery low flow rate from 10cc Suitable for use on a wide range of markets


Electrical Power 115/230V - 75W
Maximum air inlet pressure (bar) 6
Fluid viscosity 30 - 8000 cps (20.000cps AIRLESS®)
Mixing accuracy +/- 1 %
Mixed fluid output PU 3000 2 l : 10cc à 2000 cc/ min
PU 3000 4l : 50cc à 4000 cc/mn
Mixing ratio 1/1 - 30/1
Wetted parts Stainless Steel and PEHD


Description Pressure ratio Maximum fluid pressure (bar)
PU 3000 - HTi, HPA, HTV versions 1/1 , 7/1 0/6 - 0/40
PU 3000 - AIRMIX® version 30 / 1 200
PU 3000 - AIRLESS version 53 / 1 350


Description Height (cm) Depth (cm) Width (cm)
HTi, HPA, HTV versions PU 3000 2l : 130 69 86
AIRMIX® version PU 3000 2l : 130
PU 3000 4l : 150
69 86
AIRLESS version PU 3000 2l : 130
PU 3000 4l : 150
69 96
Control Box 28.6 14.3 36.7


Fitting Air inlet (valve) F 3/4" BSP
Air Outlet F 1/4" BSP
Fluid Outlet F 3/4 JIC

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